R51551 Rocket Thoracentesis Catheter – 6Fg

For the simple aspiration of fluid from the pleural space. The flexible catheter is designed to safely remain in situ whilst post drainage checks are performed.


Contents: Rocket 6Fg Thoracentesis Set: with 6Fg catheter with
6 fenestrations, stitch plate, tubing extension, 3-way tap and cap.
18G needle, small scalpel, easy aspiration syringe, 60ml syringe, protection sheath and 2L collection bag.

Carton: 5 units


Product Description

The system is indicated for the percutaneous introduction of a catheter into the chest for the drainage of fluid and features:

  • 6Fg CATHETER MOUNTED ON 18G NEEDLE: to give the best combination of drainage with superior insertion characteristics requiring less force.
  • CURVED CATHETER: to minimise the risk of occlusion after insertion.
  • MOUNTED ASPIRATION SYRINGE: provides the classic and reliable indication of correct needle tip during insertion and also permits easy collection of a pleural fluid sample.
  • SOFT STITCH PLATE: allow the catheter to be secured into position with tape or sutures if required.
  • TUBING EXTENSION & 3 WAY TAP: allowing easier and more comfortable access for aspiration.
  • DRAINAGE BAG INCLUDED: The set includes a 2L drainage bag to save time and reduce costs.
  • CE MARKED, PURPOSE DESIGNED DEVICE, designed specifically for thoracentesis.